Oded Kariti on Research and Innovation in Modern Businesses

Research and innovation are essential and highly important instruments used to promote our core values, and enable a better economic development. In his latest report on Technology Breakthrough Megatrends, Oded Kariti analyzed over 150 technologies on a global level, and developed a methodology to determine the ones most important for individual companies and entire sectors. The result of his analysis was later turned into a guide for “key technologies” that in the near future are expected to have great impact on businesses around the world. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, digitally augmented reality, robots, block-chain, virtual reality, drones, and 3D prints are some of those technologies.

Research and Innovation Oded Kariti

These researches won’t have the same effect on individual sectors, but still, it is quite likely that in the coming years, most of these technologies will have a huge impact on different industries on a global level. Most companies have laid the foundations for new technologies, investing in areas such as social media, mobile services, analytics, and cloud. There is no better time than now for CEO’s to see the bigger picture of advanced technology, which will only increase its impact on doing business. In order to single out the key technologies, Oded Kariti filtered them based on their business impact and commercial viability expected for the next five to seven years. Some of the criteria he used were: the importance of specific technologies for companies and sectors, global reach, technological sustainability, the potential to become major trends, market size and growth potential, and the pace of public and private investment.

Big and small companies are constantly waiting for the “next big thing” because they believe that a particular technological trend won’t “catch on”, or it won’t have a significant impact on their sector for at least a couple of years. But today destabilization is going faster and to a greater extent than ever before. Throughout history, innovations have benefited innovators, and in this sense, technological innovations are source megatrend. The ubiquity of technology, combined with its increased accessibility, reach, depth and influence will speed up the adoption of these key technologies.

Oded Kariti on Research and Innovation in Modern Businesses

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