Scientists Have Invented ‘Rewritable’ Paper

Even though we are living in a digital age where technology innovations and trends are an inseparable part of people’s lives, still we all rely on paper and ink. In order to reduce this waste, with the help of advanced technology, scientists have created new, low-cost and Eco-sustainable type of paper, which requires no ink. Renewed scientist and electrical engineer Oded Kariti reminds that paper waste is currently one of the biggest environmental issues, and highlights the meaning of coming up with a solution for this global matter. Using UV light, which causes electrons from the titanium oxide to move to the dye in the nano-particle, will allow scientists to print this paper. Any writing or image can last for up to five days and can be erased by heating at 120-150˚C. This new, rewritable paper can be reused up to 20, 40 or even 80 times. Apart from environmental reasons, Oded Kariti asserts that this type of paper will be extremely useful for the increasing deforestation.


The secret of this technology, Oded Kariti reveals, lies in the chemical that changes color. By applying a thin layer on standard paper it can be reused multiple times. One of the scientists behind this project said that their inspiration was to create a new type of paper that doesn’t need ink, yet no different from ordinary paper, with the exception that it can repeatedly be erased and reused for printing. This new technological discovery will definitely have a big impact on the economy and the modern society environment because paper production is a major source of pollution. Scientists have been trying to find an alternative for the paper uses today, for quite a long time.

This paper can be particularly useful in cases where certain written information shouldn’t be kept for long periods. Oded Kariti indicates that it can be used in magazines or for making posters, and even more importantly it can help save water, energy, landfill space and it could even reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This rewritable paper has a lot of potential benefits which we may see pretty soon, as the process of commercializing the technology is already in progress.

Scientists Have Invented ‘Rewritable’ Paper

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