Oded Kariti Talking About Mobile Malware

Malicious programs for mobile platforms

Oded Kariti explains Malicious programs for mobile platformsToday’s global popularity of mobile devices is unquestionable. Users on the move have an increasing number of services offered to them regardless of the limitations of wireless data. They want devices with integrated functionalities instead of separate devices with limited properties. The models of mobile phones are constantly changing and consumers switch to the latest technologies as soon as they become available.

“Mobile devices today, especially smartphones, can be even compared with some desktop computers”. – says the co-CEO of The Karitian, Oded Kariti. “These devices support applications that provide a wide range of services such as access to the Internet, corporate networks, electronic mail and electronic banking; they provide electronic payments, ticket booking and more. Along with this, and electronic signatures of documents and transactions and synchronization mechanisms of user data are also becoming increasingly important in the mobile world.

On the other hand, users of mobile devices should be provided with similar security standards such as those present in conventional personal computers and laptops. This includes mechanisms like authentication, authorization, protection of the integrity and privacy of data and privacy of communication.

Oded Kariti is among the leading global experts for mobile internet service, mainly focusing his activities on security, privacy and productivity as it is necessary to provide an ability to connect mobile devices to existing fixed and mobile infrastructure by having the best security protection. He works on providing significant cell phone security and mobile banking safety within the system.

By these mobile security applications, mobile users should be able to easily and securely access all desired information and services on the Internet or in a protected corporate networks anytime and anywhere without compromising their cell phone safety.

As Mr. Kariti further explains, due to the increased number of functionality along with the greater connectivity and openness of mobile devices over the last couple of years, it has become much difficult to achieve and maintain the said security mechanisms. Oded points the fact that with the new functionalities and due to the increasing complexity of mobile devices also increases and their vulnerability to all security threats that endanger desktops and laptops for many years.

Malicious software for mobile platforms is still a relative novelty. However, due to the development trends of mobile platforms, their significant security vulnerabilities and the growing number of users who are not aware of all potential threats toward cell phone security, this situation will not last for long.

Just as we have previously seen with desktop platforms, the motivation of coding such malware varies from pure vandalism and a desire to prove their capabilities, through identity theft and getting access to confidential data, to cell phone spam. These alarming trends of malware development for mobile platforms, as Mr. Kariti explains could lead to significant problems in limiting the resource in wireless communication and thus significantly reduce the quality of user experience of mobile device users.

For all those of you interested in learning more about mobile security, can read Oded Kariti’s paper where he thoroughly presents the malicious programs for mobile platforms. It starts with a brief description of the history of the development of mobile platforms and the current situation in the market of mobile devices. Then Mr. Kariti reviews the current development of malware for mobile platforms. Finally, Oded describes the classification of malware depending on their purpose, operation, and characteristics and then provides an analysis of the most efficient security apps. At the end he shares his thoughts on the future development of malware for mobile platforms offers possible solutions to combat them.

About Oded Kariti

Oded Kariti serves as a Co-Chief Executive Officer at The Karitian. He holds this position since early 2011 when he joined the company. Prior to that Mr. Kariti was the head of products and technology for LastTech mobile division and lead company’s move into Android. Currently, he expands The Karitian leading position in the cell phone security, mobile banking security, and in the privacy and productivity services market with a large and fast-growing global user base. More about his work as an independent researcher is available at Kariti ORCID profile.